A Review Of Easy Book Binding

Book binding your ebooks is not difficult. You can turn your digital files into something you can take to your favorite easy chair or bedroom and read in a relaxed comfortable position.

Most simple book binding projects are done in a perfect or trade paperback format. A “perfect” binding is a simple glued binding with a light weight cover. “Trade Paperback” size is normally one half of a standard sheet of paper.

Print your book.

The first step would be to print the pages of your ebook. Several software programs exist to print in the booklet format. This is printing two pages per sheet on both sides of the paper. The booklet printing software will automatically print the pages in the correct order so that the book pages are collated correctly.

Cutting the pages

The pages need to be cut apart after printing. A pair of scissors will work for a small book. If more than a few books are being bound, a paper cutter is a good investment. The “guillotine” style cutter will make short work of cutting several hundred pages. As the pages are cut apart, they need to be assembled in the proper order.

The binding machine.

A method of clamping the pages and cover together is needed. This is accomplished by the “binding machine”. A binding machine is simply a vise that holds the pages while the glue dries. This can be a simple stick and clamp arrangement for a quick binding project. Special vises are easy to construct out of wood and may be found from various vendors on line.

Gluing the pages

The key ingredient of easy book binding is glue. The glue is spread over the end of the pages while they are clamped tightly in the binding vise.
Just about any type of glue is usable but the best results are obtained from using a flexible contact cement.

Covers are easy to make.

A usable paper back cover is easy to cut from light card stock. A good source of cover material in different colors is light weight poster stock.
A cover for a simple paperback is cut in one piece and folded over the pages during the gluing process.

This overview of the easy book binding process outlines the main steps. Bookbinding is a much more involved activity that can create keepsake volumes and restore classic books to new condition.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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