Add Video to Your Website to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

If you are running an internet marketing business, then most likely you already own one of more of a professionally designed websites, whereby with the advancement in internet technology, even if you are not a young Internet wiz kid, nor are you a website designer or an Internet marketing guru, you will be able to put up with the aid of ready made templates and create that professionally looking business web site. Then you would practice various kinds of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) method to try to get your web site appear on the first page of Google or Yahoo searches. But the question is: has your website brought sufficient new business? Designing a website is one skill, getting it a high ranking on a search engines like Google or Yahoo is another skill.

By common definition, a good website is not just about the look, ease of navigation and information it provides, but it should be one that is easily found by your potential customers. If your website design does not offer you both good design and SEO, then you are like having a website no one can find. But, if everyone understands this important concepts and doing exactly what is required, then again it is another battle there to compete to get onto the first page of searches.

One solution to this problem is to add video to website. With the same concept of SEO for the website being optimized, and then add video to website, it will stand out from the crowd and certainly helps in getting high ranking from search engines. Experiences from many successful internet marketers are that they have produced a number of videos for the Internet and inserted those videos into websites which have improved their ranking on the Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

However, like a static web site, the most important key to using web video for website promotion, is to make videos that are interesting, entertaining and above all else, informative. i.e. “Content is King!” As a complete newbie, you will find it very difficult to kick start the video production, less the important elements of SEO consideration. Luckily there is a solution for such problem! With the help of software called “Content Website Builder”, it can help to shorten the time to build a content rich video to be added into your website.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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