Are You Tired of Contacting Traditional Publishing Houses and Literary Agents?

Before you start thinking that your efforts will forever remain unheard and your work doesn’t have the potential to become a book, consider self-publishing as the one-stop solution.

What is self-publishing?
Self-publishing has emerged as a publishing platform that aims at fulfilling every author’s desire to get published. It is the bridge that links your work to the audience.

Some self-publishing companies take the responsibility of publishing your book to the best market standards and also looks after books marketing and distribution. The main difference between self and traditional publishing is that in the former, you have to pay for the publication process. But self-publishing always has a potential for huge pay-off.

Benefits of self-publishing
1. The major benefit of self-publishing is that the author remains in the driving seat and his ideas and opinions are taken into consideration at each step.
2. Self-publishing companies suggest but do not insist that an author implement changes in the manuscript. The authors have the scope to write anything they want without fearing rejection.
3. The copyright of the work remains with the author.
4. Unlike traditional publishing, self-publishing lets the authors to earn as much as 80-90{db3ae8a81280553779663c6dc431a922c9e5ce920863bf636bccd15cfbaaca0d} of the profit as royalty!
5. The book never goes out of print, due to the print-on-demand model followed by self publishing.
6. Self-publishing ensures a speedy process and your book reaches you at lightning speed. The time taken, depends on the services you take.
7. There’s nothing more satisfying than playing an active role in the journey of transforming your manuscript into a perfectly designed book. Self-publishing gives you this satisfaction as your suggestions are taken into consideration and all the decisions from the look of the book to its launch and distribution are approved only if you give the final nod.

Steps to get your book self-published
1. Your first task is to choose a self-publishing company that has a number of books to its credit and has excellent testimonials.
2. With the publishing consultant, discuss with him/her the services that you want to take based on your preference. Self-publishing houses have different packages to suit your varied needs. All you have to do is select the right one for you.
3. Accordingly, you receive a quotation based on which you make the payments. Once the payment is done, publishing process begins. At every step, you are made aware of the progress and the decisions taken.
4. The editorial team ensures a professional scan of your work and removes all errors, be it simple grammatical mistakes or complex stylistic ones. If any major change is required, the editors consult with you. However, self-publishing always works on your approval.
5. Once the work is edited, it goes into formatting. Here, once again you have the power to choose the font style and size, how the chapters should look like and what should be the size of the book.
6. Simultaneously, the cover of the book is designed. You get the opportunity to put in your suggestions or any image that you have in mind. The designers come up with a cover that is unique, goes well with the content and also meets the author’s desires.
7. Finally, the book is printed and the company ensures that it receives maximum exposure through worldwide distribution.

Watch your dream turn into reality in front of your eyes!

Self-publishing indeed pays attention to the ‘self’ and one’s treasured manuscript becomes a book with little or no compromise on the quality as well as the desires of the author.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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