Arming Your Business Online With Internet Reputation Management

When potential customer conduct a Google, Yahoo or other search engine inquiry about a business and see negative feedback from blogs, rip off reports and message boards, it is the economic kiss of death for a business attempting to grow its client base and strengthen its market share.

It only takes one irate ex-employee, one unscrupulous competitor or dis-satisfied customer to send the financial trajectory of a business into a steady decline that it may never recover from, depending upon it’s exposure on the internet. Consumers are becoming more internet savvy and the internet is the first stop for the buying public when considering the purchase of a new product or service of a company or individual. Companies that do not have the services of a reputation management firm, also known as a search engine reputation management company (SERM), may be leaving themselves open to months of unnecessary headaches and loss of needed revenue.

Firms such as these assist businesses and individuals in taking the pre-emptive measures to assure that a their reputation remains relatively untarnished, and to maintain a strong presence on the internet, translating into a stronger increase in market share in the perspective field of the individual business entity as well as stronger revenue streams from online generated clientele. One could easily equate Internet Reputation Management with Internet Revenue Management. SERMs are hands down one of the soundest investments that a business entity can make, as every business model is becoming more and more cyber based, ultimately add to the bottom line of a business entity by preserving its online persona and reputation.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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