Earn More and Have Better Control With Electronic Book Publishing

Earn More and Have Better Control with Electronic Book Publishing

It is not unusual for people to want to become known for their own particular area of expertise. Some wish to write books or articles for other folks to read and learn from or simply enjoy the experience of getting away from the cares of life and drifting off into a world far away. If that is something you would like to do, there are many opportunities to publish your writings directly onto the web for anyone to enjoy.

Unlike the world of print publishing where most writers can only dream of getting their works published for even one person to read, modern technology has expanded the horizons for those who fail to get an opportunity to present their creations to a publisher.

So, what is the answer that is sure to change the traditional method of publishing your writings? And what are the benefits?

Electronic Book Publishing Benefits

– Ebooks are a low cost investment.
– There is no cost for printing since they are delivered via electronic format.
– You have no guaranteed runs to worry about.
– You get potential earnings from each sell.
– Each book that is sold earns a percentage for the writer from the beginning.
– The author has more control over the finished product.
– When you are not working through a publisher, you will have final say over the content of the work you are working on in the ebook.

One of the greatest benefits of becoming an author is that when the eBook and promotions for it are done right, the result can be a lucrative proposition for those who are passionate about what they love to do. Many authors are able to work at their own convenience, right from home or wherever they might be. And when the creative juices flow there is nothing to hinder jotting those words down, not even a job in the corporate world.

As a means of creating a more economical way to provide copies of books, print on demand is sometimes offered by publishers when they are needed without having to tie up large amounts of financial capital. Some large publishers offer the process of publishing on demand for reprinting titles that are no longer in publication. It is often used by universities to create a backlist.

With the many reader products available today like the Kindle, that allow people to download a book whenever they wish, there is no better time than now to consider becoming a published author. Go for it!

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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