Flipping Domain Names and Websites is the Rave Now

I remembered reading a sales page in 2007 of an e-book from Clickbank and I went straight to buy the e-book.

Though I read every page of that e-book after printing it out, I never took action until recently.

I stumbled upon flipping domain names and websites again at WarriorForum, where most of the internet marketing gurus hang out. From the enthralling post and comments in one of the flipping websites’ threads, I decided to do a very simple research for myself.

First, I logged on to sedo dot com, one of the popular website reseller sites. I looked up the “recent sales” section at their site. Behold, I was astounded!

What I did was to pick each of the recently sold domain names and then type it into the address bar. Most of the domain names were simply parked names. Believe me!

What it means is that the domains registered with just $10 or less were now sold for as much as $5,000. Unbelievable? You are in for a surprise!

All you really need to keep in mind when registering valuable domain names are:

(a) Short and descriptive words
(b) Dot com domain name should be preferred to other extensions
(c) Non-hyphenated domains are more valuable than hyphenated.

What I did next was to quickly ransack my bookshelf and pick up my e-book, read and digested it. My next project is to hit a goldmine flipping domain names and websites.

For you out there, give it a second thought too. It is a win-win internet business model. Don’t be left behind. Simply pick up a good e-book and learn the tricks of the trade. Buying and selling domain names and websites can be so profitable with little investment. Remember the rave of the moment now is flipping domain names and websites for profits.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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