Free AdSense How-To Formula That Multi-Millionaire Marketers Use to Determine Dominant Niches

Who would not like such financial freedom? Of course, everyone! AdSense business is ideal, especially for students who are busy with their classes and too tired to do hard jobs. Particularly in recession period, it is difficult to find a suitable job.

Nowadays many marketers are making hundreds of thousands of dollars alone from AdSense even while they are sleeping or having a nice time with their family. Perhaps, therefore, AdSense profit is so attractive for many people. It allows you to earn easy passive income when you are working on your other projects or just enjoying life traveling from country to country.

According to 2008 statistics, top 8 Google AdSense Earners are:

o Markus Frind – PlentyOfFish – $300,000 per month

o Kevin Rose – Digg – $250,000 per month

o Jeremy Schoemaker – $140,000 per month

o Jason Calacanis – Weblogs, Inc. – $120,000 per month

o David Miles Jr. & Kato Leonard – FreeWebLayouts- $100,000 per month

So here are 2 vital parts of successful AdSense business many multi-millionaires certainly consider while they are building their huge AdSense empire:

AdSense How To #1 Formula – Niche Determination

It’s very important to find the most lucrative and the most suitable niche for you at a time. In other words, you might have heard many times that some niches like credit card, insurance, finance, data recovery, etc are very profitable AdSense niches. But I personally think that you should prefer only those niches which are enough profitable and interesting for you at the same time. Otherwise, you will give up in the middle way like many do and never become a millionaire.

AdSense How To #2 Formula – Targeted Marketing

After choosing the niche the second step is to do proper target marketing that will provide you fast AdSense income.

I get always surprised when I see many AdSense marketers using very useless or less effective marketing methods for their AdSense sites. Most of them actively use social network sites when statistics shows that they are not the best place to get as many AdSense clicks as you want.

I myself prefer target marketing that will draw target audience on a consistent basis to my AdSense sites. Therefore I actively promote my sites by using answer marketing (answering questions at yahoo), submitting my articles to appropriate forums, and the best of all – applying article marketing.

Just mention the above mentioned 2 formula and see how your AdSense income is increasing practically within several days.

But if you are a beginner teen internet marketer, it can seem to you hard to build your online AdSense or other virtual real estate empires.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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