Good News For Americans – The Health Care Reform Bill

In an age of daunting economical difficulties, health and dental insurance can be very difficult to acquire from America’s health brokers, let alone maintain, due to expensive premiums or ongoing treatment of certain medical conditions. With chronic illnesses, even the deductibles can lead to financial disaster. America’s health brokers are not to blame, for the nature of a private business is to succeed with financial gain, but the rising costs of medical expenses have made it more and more difficult to sustain an affordable premium. The Health Care Reform Bill offers a solution to health insurance plans that ease the burden for both the individual as well as America’s health brokers.

Dental Health

The Health Care Reform Bill states that by the year 2014, all Americans will be required to obtain health insurance (which includes a dental plan). With a growing number of individuals who will actually be able to receive treatment, the demand on the field will rise. In order to counter this issue, funding will be available for those within the field to further enhance their skills and education. The result will be more dentists to treat the large number of people who are in need of dental care. Funding will also be provided to America’s health brokers for preventative treatment, thus lowering the long-term costs of care.

Medical Health

Although America’s health brokers will have a new pool of competition, there will be some aspects of the bill that clearly favor the individual. Annual caps- Rather than having a cap on the amount of funds paid from insurance, the Health Care Reform Act proposes annual caps. Continuous care-Insurance will cover those who are ill, even if there is a loss of employment. Those who have a pre-existing condition cannot be denied an individual health plan.

Other benefits

One of the most important factors of the Health Care Reform Bill is that most US citizens will have an individual medical insurance plan. According to a survey, estimates showed that as of 2010, there were nearly 50 million individuals in the Unites States without personal health coverage. By the year 2014, nearly every US citizen will either have some form of cheap health insurance coverage (via an exchange) or employee benefits through an employer. America’s health brokers will have many avenues to diversify packages: Health insurance for small businesses, health insurance for individuals, cheap health coverage (through the exchange), group insurance plans and corporate insurance plans. The new market for health brokers will clearly be the individuals who fall between 1.3 and 4 times the poverty level (which is estimated at $22,000 for a family of four).

Planning for a new change in health care is not a simple task. There will be many adjustments of the entire structure of all aspects of medical treatment: Employers, employees, insurance companies, physicians, administrators and the entire population. America’s health brokers will have new rules to abide, but they will also acquire aid that was not present before from the government. The idea is simple: There is no bad news in the fact that all Americans will have an opportunity to afford health insurance. Working together is an old tradition that will soon become the symbol of American health care.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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