How to Get Published on the Internet

The days of being dependent on regular Publishers are fading fast. The internet – or worldwide web – has made it possible to get your book published immediately and bring it instantly to the attention of readers.

There are two basic ways of getting published on the internet.

  • Publishing “Real” books on the Internet.
  • Publishing digital books on the Internet.

Placing an advertisement for your book on a web site is the first step. This could be your own website, the website of an online publisher or bookseller, or some other website. It would include an offer to sell your book, a colour picture of its cover, contact details and possibly a credit card facility for online payments.

The advantages of paperback or hardcover books are that people like to take a “real” book to bed with them for a good read. Electronic reading devices known as eBook Readers are rapidly becoming popular, however, making it possible to read digital books in these handheld devices that look and feel like “real” books.>

Disadvantages of publishing paperback or hardcover books is that they are expensive to print, market, distribute and post – especially to overseas buyers. It is also very difficult to have them included in the catalogues of online booksellers if they are not readily available for distribution overseas.

There is an exciting way around this, known as PRINT-ON-DEMAND publishing and it is becoming a huge industry globally.

Print-On-Demand publishing is one of the easiest ways to get your book published on the Internet. There are a number of good companies offering this service. They work with you and turn your manuscript into a beautiful physical book. You pay the costs up-front, which are far less expensive than normal printing and, because they are not investing money in your project, they will print anything you have to offer (within reason, of course).

The difference between P.O.D. and regular publishers is that they do not actually print your book. They simply prepare it for printing. Technology has advanced to such a degree that they are able to print one complete book at a time, as needed. The quality is excellent.

P.O.D. companies not only prepare your book for printing, they also undertake to advertise it in all the online booksellers’ catalogues, including, Barnes & Noble and a host of others. When orders are received, the books are printed within 24 hours and distributed. They handle all the financial aspects, report back to the author and pay a very generous royalty. Worldwide rights to your book remain with you.

Some recommended Print-On-Demand Publishers include Booksearch, Create-space, Author House and Lulu, among others.

Why not consider publishing your book electronically and as an ordinary paper-based publication?

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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