How to Save Money With a Print Newsletter

Print newsletters are a great tool for building a brand and bringing in new customers. They make it easy for your current customers to give you more referrals, give you a great place to make special offers for brick and mortar locations (coupons and the like), and make your business seem more “official.”

But, they can be costly if done wrong. Printing, postage, and maintaining a mailing list all adds up.

Here are five tips to help you cut the costs of a print newsletter and get you more bang for your printing and mailing buck.

  • Send the newsletter as a bill insert when you mail out bills.
  • Print more newsletters-give a copy to each employee, distribute copies at the reception desk, if it’s newsworthy, circulate it to local media.
  • Send it as a self-mailer instead of in an envelope.
  • Switch to a postcard newsletter format and mail every six weeks (if you currently distribute a longer newsletter quarterly).
  • Offer a pdf alternative for readers who don’t care to receive the newsletter by mail (a pdf is searchable, so some of your readers may prefer this format-and your designer can easily create a pdf of your current print newsletter).

By cutting the costs of your print newsletter without cutting the quality, you’ll maximize its effectiveness and your marketing dollars. Put one of these tips to work today to cut your costs. And, check to see reader-submitted tips to cut costs or to submit your own!

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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