Internet Network Marketing – New School VS Old School Strategies

There have been many discussions recently about traditional versus new InterNETwork marketing methods, especially in team network marketing or MLM scenarios.

In a recent webinar, Ann Sieg, marketing expert, discussed the emergence of the InterNETwork marketing model and compared it to the traditional model. If you have experienced frustration, this is a must read!

In the traditional MLM model, there tends to be a propensity to see one’s self in a rather narrow role rather than as a true independent business person. That is, you are paid for your efforts as a sales rep and leader of your team. You don’t own or control your assets. The system or organization is not flexible.

Staying in the traditional model is the path of least resistance, much like an “employee!” (The reason most people look for home based marketing opportunities – so that they can quit being an “employee”).

This creates a faulty mindset. Many people enter the business with the belief that “my up line owes me” and is there to “hold my hand to make me successful.” They also believe that their success is dependent upon another person (up line or team member) and the help they provide.

The fact is that highly successful top producers will tell you to “go where you are not needed.” In other words, don’t try to raise non-producers from the dead, help those who show potential and discipline in their efforts.

Many new members are told that that this business is not work and can be done on 10 hours a week with no budget. From my own experience, I know that this business takes effort. The process is not complex, but takes time and great determination. The amount of time expended equals the amount of success. Ten hours a week in traditional network marketing might bring you an extra hundred dollars a month! And, there are always expenses for your advertising items.

They are also led to believe that they can work hard for a while and then residuals kick in. (For a few successful top earners, this may be true). The question is, how long is a while – 3 years?, ten years?

Another fallacy that is portrayed in the business is that an automated system will do all your work. The reality is that Network Marketing will always be a relationship business! Those prospects that are attracted to you or your business model want to know that they can trust you.

So what are the dangers of the traditional model? Well, first, it creates a false sense of reality. It provides a limited view of how good sales and marketing works. It promotes a limited view of how real business works. And finally, you must insulate yourself from lack of success and negativity.

How many times have you experienced this sentiment: “Off line marketing has proven itself to be a futile, time-consuming, difficult and inefficient way to “do” MLM. “

The future of this business is being redefined. The two models, network marketing and the internet, are merging together.

There is now a more effective and complex way to do this business in keeping with Rich Dad’s (Robert Kiyosaki) B quadrant philosophy. That is, building or creating an asset or business system. Kiyosaki defines an asset is something you own and control, and puts money in your pocket!

In the new model, we can consider our MLM business as a means of compensation, nothing more.

The fluid and dynamic nature of the internet makes MLM less stable than before. It favors the distributor/associate and allows them to switch gears quickly.

In the past, distributors or associates mainly trusted their upline. Now, people can check out a business or the industry on-line instantly. And, if the information is negative, there may be a problem! Distributors or associates are now empowered to work more as an equal with their company.

To be Effective in the Future of Network Marketing, You Must Do These Three Things at a Minimum!

1. Become an independent business owner (You are not your Company!) In other words, build your own business of which your MLM deal is only a part of your monetization model. This is difficult to grasp at first and seems like heresy after the indoctrination of most industry training, but is so important to success.

2. Become a marketing-centered business. Understand and use professional marketing techniques. There are many great marketing mentors now available to help you.

3. Build a business on-line. Create your own web presence and learn to monetize with multiple streams of income while you build your business opportunity.

With InterNETwork Marketing, you are Independent Business Person who chooses to use MLM as ONE of several monetization models to earn income in an ever growing, stable and stronger way.

Don’t limit yourself to what the MLM company offers. You must see yourself as the product, rather than the MLM company as the product. Create value for people by providing content rich information that they desperately seek!

It’s about becoming a truly independent business owner who earns income through InterNETwork Marketing and other monetization models by building a Theme-Based Content Site that helps prospects become successful.

Try this and see where it leads. InterNETwork Marketing allows you to be the product, providing sorely needed information and education rather than just hawking your MLM company product!

In summary, the new marketing model is very empowering. Rather than utilizing old strategies where you were required to chase people (creating your names list, talking to everyone within three feet of you, etc) this system allows people to seek you through attraction marketing. Trust me. It is a lot more fun and a lot more effective!

This is Not Your Father’s MLM Business!

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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