Online Publishing Advantage

Publishing has taken a new paradigm after the coming of the Internet. More so, if one may say, after the concept of blogs were introduced. Today, any one and every one, who has something to express has a blog. Online publishing has revolutionized the publishing industry. It is now not confined only to books and, it has gone beyond and has added a whole new dimension to the whole publishing spectrum.

Online publishing saves cost

Online publishing has various advantages over traditional publishing. The first and major advantage of online is the cost associated with it. It has become an affordable affair with the coming of online publishing. In the past printing was an inseparable entity. It was hard to think of publishing without printing. But fast forward to 21st century and you do not need a printing press to a book or a journal. All you need is Microsoft Word and an Internet connection to take your thoughts to your friends in particular and other people in general and public.

Power in the hands of writer

There are various other advantages of online vis-à-vis traditional book publishing. Online publishing has given power in the hands of the writers. In the past a writer has to run after the publisher to print and distribute his book. The scenario has changed now. Today, one can create a book online and publish it online in the form of an e-book. And if your book is interesting, exciting, and has potential, publishers will run after you to get it printed.

It easy for new writers to showcase their work to public and their friends, which would not have been possible otherwise. To take your writing to masses all you need is a story. The medium to publish it is there. Online publication has made it extremely what you write. You can create a blog or multiple blogs and start posting your writings according theme or topic of each blog.

Online publishing saves environment

Online publishing helps in saving the planet. You don’t need paper to print your book And paper comes to the from forest. An e-book one doesn’t need to cut trees and make paper to print and publish a book. Moreover, with the help of online books can remain safe and readable for millions of years as compared to traditional a book, which are worn out after two or three years.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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