Owner’s Start-Up Tasks – Cleaning Business Marketing

During your cleaning business’ startup period, you will be faced with the busiest part of marketing: selling your services to the public. Although marketing your services and company name to the public will always be a busy feat in your business, the busiest and most challenging part is during the startup period.

Marketing at the Beginning

Since you are just starting and your newly formed business is a small one that you started from scratch, the biggest challenge of this period is to make the public aware of your existence in the market. Nobody knows about your house cleaning business yet. And if nobody knows about it, then you won’t have clients. So what you want to do is to make people aware that your company exists and will be operating anytime soon. By informing the public that you do exist, you are already opening the window of opportunity for your cleaning business.

Creating Awareness

For your cleaning business marketing scheme, your keywords should be “to be known”. These three words can work some magic into your house cleaning business’ taking off.

During your cleaning business’ start-up period, you can already inform your close friends, family (relatives), and co-workers of your plan to put up a cleaning company, which will be operating very soon. This way, they could already be your prospective clients, while at the same time, also your marketing tool. How is this so? They can help spread the word around to their own friends and families, thus making them your first form of advertisement.

Advertisement via word of mouth is the simplest, yet most effective form of advertising. For your cleaning business marketing, consider the word of mouth as feedback. So whatever people say to other people about your company and services is perceived to be true because these are real people who have experienced it firsthand. And these are also people who are not paid to say good (or bad) things about your company and services. So this unpaid, unsolicited form of advertisement is the most credible and unbiased for most prospective clients.

Of course, aside from the word of mouth, other forms of advertisements that you can employ during your start-up period would include flyers since these get distributed almost everywhere; and also some ads in your local newspaper. This will make the people aware that there is indeed a new cleaning company that opened and with a nice design and with the right tag line, they are most likely to try it out too.

So basically, all throughout your business’ life, marketing will forever be there – you just have to get resourceful and creative.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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