The Benefits of Raised Printing in Marketing

Unfairly called “poor man’s engraving”, raised printing is often seen in special print jobs such as invitations and formal stationary. When it appears in business materials like business cards and letterhead it instantly creates a significant message to the receiver of the materials. This is generally a message that indicates high-quality and distinction.

Of course raised printing can also be a bit more “flashy” and many companies will use raised printing to give business cards a distinctive appearance. As an example, consider the difference between an inexpensive card with standard text providing information about a landscaping service. While such a card conveys all of the necessary information, an alternative version of the same card with a bit of glossy raised printing, including the company logo, adds texture and sophistication to what otherwise would have been a very average business card.

The element of texture and “feel” that raised printing provides leaves potential customers and colleagues with a memorable item. When used for marketing materials and corporate branding, raised printing gives an extra boost and appeal.

Clearly raised printing can be used to create an enhanced and professional appearance to a large array of marketing materials. In addition to adding depth to such items as report covers, post cards and professional announcements, the process for creating raised printing items allows for a faster turnaround time than many other printing methods.

Formally called “thermography”, it uses a plastic resin that dries instantly upon completion and can be finished and shipped all in the same day. This actually means that it is the quickest method for getting a print job done and of great benefit for those in the professional world.

How, specifically, does raised printing benefit marketing materials? Let’s take a very precise example to illustrate how the process is of such benefit directly to marketing materials. For our example we will use company letterhead. Business #1 uses a commercial printer who takes applies traditional printer’s ink to standard stationary. This allows the business owner to send out written communications in a clean and formal manner, but without any particular style or elegance. Business #2 opted to have all of their company stationary, including business cards, letterhead and envelopes printed with raised printing. Every single letter, receipt or formal communication that leaves the office provides a remarkably sophisticated appearance for the business.

If a business owner hopes to earn a reputation as a “classy”, “sophisticated” or “elegant” business, such goals could be quickly and easily reached by using raised printing in marketing materials.

What about other marketing items such as brochures and mailers? Raised printing can also provide the same classy or stylish look to more traditional marketing materials as well. This is especially true because raised printing can be done in almost any color. Bold red, subdued gold or sparkling silver print can all be achieved using this approach to printing, and these will provide an incredibly unique and distinctive look to anything on which they appear.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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