The Evolution of Magazine

Magazine has come a long way since it started being published in the US less than three centuries ago. Even Benjamin Franklin published one himself.

But published magazines then only lasted for a few months. This is because publishers are limited geographically and the cost of magazine printing could be quite expensive. A few people could afford getting a subscription. And the target of the publishers were the “educated class” because most magazines before were about education and life enhancement.

More than five decades after the magazines were introduced, mass circulation was made possible. Magazines which before can only be purchased by the buying elite, is now available for the working class as well. And the subject matter was shifted mostly to entertainment as well.

Now, a vast array of subject is introduced, from businesses to computers, fashion to entertainment, technology to health. And even under these, sub-headings were introduced like in entertainment, there are for arts and crafts, books, food, games, pets, television and a lot more. These are now catered to more readers ranging from businessmen to housewives, to college students and even to little girls.

Magazines are now very affordable to the masses. This was made possible by lesser cost in magazine printing. Plus a bulk of the cost is also lessened because of the many advertisers that the magazines have. They shoulder most of the printing expenses that this lessened the cost of the magazine.

This is why that it is in magazines that advertising went full-blast. They can secure one whole page for their products in colored form unlike that in newspaper. Admittedly, this can cost more than the dailies but the potential buyer would be enticed more about the product if it was presented to him in a manner that he can fully appreciate. And what is more effective than by showing it in full color?

Readers can now also choose from the subscription options that publishing companies offer their customers. They can choose to be subscribed on a daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annually or annually on their magazine of choice. It is comparably cheaper than a book but already hold a lot of information.

It is also great for short reading. Its articles would not really be so mind-boggling but not that shallow either. This is why a lot of readers prefer magazine as well because they are not intimidated by the number of pages within. And they can stop at one article anytime they like and read the other articles any time they want. Which is so different from reading a book that if you stopped at a section, you have to read the rest immediately if you don’t want to risk losing yourself or being confused with the story.

Magazines really had gone a long way since then. It already evolved itself in just less than three centuries. It was able to stand on its own with its own share of loyal followers. It is already an industry on its own. And the evolution doesn’t stop there. Magazines would still evolve and change but rest assured that its followers would be with them all the way.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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