Why Custom Invoice Book Printing Is Essential

Many Small Business owners use generic invoice books that make and keep track of orders, but it can prove incredibly beneficial to take advantage of professional custom invoice book printing.

Not only do these custom invoices help pull in more customers, but many companies report that the custom printing of unique designs improves customer loyalty and retention.

Here are just a few of the major benefits of having your own personalised invoices.

Build your Brand

Part of building a brand is having custom imagery, unique colours and slogans to differentiate your company from the competition. There are many ways of building your brand and social recognition, but this will just focus on custom invoices.

Invoice forms aren’t just used for orders. They are similar to business cards because they display your logo, and tell customers who you are and how to contact you.

Invoices are also commonly used as a quoting mechanism because you might be asked to make an itemised statement of charges for a formal quote.

Having a custom invoice will separate you from the rest of your competition. There are many examples of clients choosing companies solely based on their image and branding. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain some new clients.

Unique Fields

While there are some companies that can use generic invoices without running into any issues, the truth is that most businesses can’t do this. They often require information that other companies don’t ask for.

If you are having this problem, then there are two things that you can do. The first is manually writing the field onto a generic invoice. This looks sloppy and reduces the client’s confidence in your business.

The ideal route is to invest in professional invoice book printing because you can customise the form to your exact needs.

Improve Customer Loyalty and Return Purchases

As stated above, custom invoices help build your brand. Many companies have found that clients are more willing to come back for return purchases if they use custom invoices. There are several reasons for this. The most important one is that these invoices are much easier to remember. If you use printing and marketing that is easy to remember, then customers will more frequently choose you over your competition.

The other reason is because it shows that you are willing to put more work into your presentation. Clients tend to believe that this is a mark of quality, which can influence them to make more purchases from you.

Quality Paper

While there are some exceptions, you will find that most generic invoice books use rather poor paper. The invoices often feel scratchy and unpleasant. This might not seem important, but it conveys a message to your clients. Many clients will assume that you don’t care about your work as much as another company that has better invoices.

Custom invoice printing uses quality paper that is smooth and durable. You will see your customers’ eyes suddenly light up when they feel your invoice. This is because most companies don’t pay attention to the quality of their invoices. A good invoice can leave a powerful impression on your clients that can translate into additional sales.


Taking advantage of invoice book printing is essential if you want to run a successful company. While you can make sales with generic invoices, they definitely have their weaknesses. Uniquely designed invoices feel and look better, help build your brand and they can lead to additional sales. If you want to make the most of your company and create the right impression with your client base, then use custom invoices.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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