Linking With Directory Submissions

Not only should you submit to the search engines but you need to use directories. Using these is an excellent way to build your links as well as increase your rankings. I am going to discuss the different types of directories as well as give you a list of them.

There are free directories and paid ones. The paid ones last longer and the free ones are deleted after about a year. You also need to keep in mind though the latest news from Web Pro News as of August 20, 2008, which is that Google is “targeting paid link directories deemed to be in violation of the search engines quality guidelines.” Some of those included are Aivia, Alive, Big Web Links, ewebpages, Directory Dump, Elegant Directory, and Biz-Dir.

Aviva is one of the best paid directories to use but in light of the newest news I would recommend these. I use them and have had good results:

Yahoo! Directory

Best of The Web

Then there are the free directories. These are very worthwhile and should be used as well. Just make sure that you resubmit them every eleven months.

Open Directory

Search Sight

Web World


World Site Index


Don’t stop there. Look for niches. Go to the search engines for your potential niche. Use Yahoo, Google, MSN, and Dogpile. For your selections, use the top for results. I always look for the areas of my products and the classes that I offer.

Page Ranking

Ranking high in the search engines is everyone’s goal. I strive for it everyday always working on my text, descriptions and Meta tags. However you need to know how many links you have. To do this you need to go to Yahoo Site Explorer.

You must have a Yahoo account to use this but it is very worthwhile. The next thing to do is sign in. It will show you all of your feeds. On the right hand side there is a column to authenticate it, click on that. It will take you to another page. Follow the directions. It is a simple process.

Now get to work and submit to directories and more links going. Raise yourself higher in the search engines.

Pungky Dwiasmoro Hiswardhani

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